Installing Light Switches Vertical or Horizontal

After selecting which light switch style you want, it’s time consider what orientation the switches are supposed to be installed, vertically or horizontally? But which is correct?

The answer is….both! Switches can be installed either way; as long as they are level and are not sitting at a 45-degree angle, looking like the Titanic before it sank.

As an electrician, we are constantly installing switches in homes and commercial spaces, and as i mentioned above, both orientations are acceptable, however most people choose to have their light switches installed vertically, while power-points are nearly always installed horizontally. It’s becoming common in new homes that light switches are installed horizontally., but without a selected preference by the homeowner, the electrician will usually install it to their personal choosing.

So, if you do have a preference, please be mindful and let the electrician know when they’re hired, as to whether it is a new build or an existing property they will need to know before they start; as going back and changing them again will often result in extra charges, plus, it makes the job easier in the long run.

When it comes to an extension however, usually the electrician will match the orientation of the switches with the rest of the house to keep everything congruent.

Clipsal 2000 series, Flush switch. Click for link  – image   1.1.

Clipsal 2000 series, Flush switch. Click for link image  1.2

Clipsal iconic flush series. click for link.

Clipsal Saturn Zen Push Button Switch. Click for link.

Clipsal Saturn 4000 Push Button Switch LED. Click for link

 Hager Silhouette 1G LP Switch. Click for link.

Hager Finesse switch. Click for link. 

Deciding on switches and what is available?

As technology is advancing, so are the designs and the technicality of light switches. In the past, light switches came in one simple white design, with a toggle switch that stuck out, with no other purpose than to switch a light on and off.

Nowadays we have different designs, materials, colours, push button, no button with features such as sound and voice activation, some light up, some can be activated by an app some with extra dollop!

Keeping it simple and installing one of the more common light switches or power-point styles (like the Clipsal’s shown in images 1.1 and 1.2) is the regular choice, but there are many other brands which design something very similar. If you don’t specify a switch design choice for your home or commercial space, this is what you’ll most likely have installed by default.

If you’d prefer things a little more stylish and modern, then I would suggest taking a look at Clipsal’s iconic series, the Clipsal Saturn Zen or the Clipsal Saturn 4000 series. These mostly requested for luxury home installations. Hager also offer a range of slim line switches that are simple and elegant, which may be your preference; their Silhouette, Finesse or Premiere range are very visually pleasing.

All the switches mentioned above have matching power-point styles and Clipsal have an app so you can easily view all their current designs and products, demonstrating how they look turned on and off, and you can match them with the colours or materials on your walls.

What about high end designer switches?

When considering high end switches, the very slim, unique and edgy, award winning creations and designs by Lithoss are some of the best on the market. As a side bonus, with some designs being squared, you won’t need to worry about whether a switch should be vertical or horizontal. These designs are perfect for luxury homes, 5 star hotels or even yachts. Some examples of their switches are to the right-hand side, but feel free to click the link on the images to view all their products.

For more information or installation inquiries on any of the products mentioned above, supply and install are available through our Melbourne based electrical company, Blyth Electrical. Click image below for more information.

Lithoss Piano switch. click for link.

Aesteem by Lithoss. click for link.

The Illume. Available in other LED colours and designs. Click for link.

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